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Payroll Funding


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How Can I Sustain and Grow My Company?

Whether you own a staffing company or a company that has payroll to meet, staffing factoring may be right for you.  Infusion Funding LLC combines receivables financing, factoring, staffing / payroll funding, payroll management, invoicing and more to provide excellent payroll financing solutions and back office solutions for companies of all sizes. Our payroll funding solutions can be as simple as selective invoice factoring or as involved as full back office services. For more information on Factoring and how it works, click here.

Many businesses, particularly staffing businesses, face the challenge of finding the capital to improve or increase the cash flow of the business, especially when in a growth cycle. We understand these pressures and have flexible programs geared to financing your current needs and growing with you as a business. Financing is based on your receivables when you provide any kind of staffing services to other businesses or government agencies or if payroll funding is a substantial part of the contract’s expenses.

Our payroll funding options grow with you and will not affect the ownership or equity of your business. The process is fast and simple. After reviewing your business needs, we help you decide which method of staffing factoring will work for you. Once payroll funding begins, financing is ongoing for your company as needed, limited only by your growth. The improvement seen to your business cash flow is immediate.

Solutions Include:

  • Unlimited or Selective Payroll Funding and Financing
  • Web Based Payroll Services and Management
  • Invoice Services
  • Payroll Tax Deposits / Reports
  • Back Office Support
For more information, contact Frank Erwin at 201-540-9210